About us

On August 17, 2009, two people named Eric and Jude, fed up of Online advertising being dominated by brand marketing with pricing models of Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), set up Web Convert Media. Their aim was to create an agency that specialized in direct response marketing which they believed from their 10 years plus experience in the industry, was a much more cost effective way of marketing online. And so, WCM was born.

Eric and Jude went through dozens of unspecified struggles over the years, but WCM very quickly became the go to agency for direct response marketing, online lead generation and management. Today the company has grown and now helps consumer brands to utilize everything from email and broader eCRM through to mobile, social medial, data management, websites (design, UX and build) conversion (analysis and optimization) and of course search, to generate and manage leads all in the name of increasing the bottom line.

Here at WCM, we believe in three values: Respect for the individual, transparency, and integrity. And we’re proud to offer products and services that adhere to these values. From online lead generation to, web development – we aim to keep pushing our own boundaries by listening to feedback from our clients and affiliates. We’re still independently owned and that’s reflected in our outlook and approach.

Our customers and affiliates are important to us. We will always listen to feedback from our clients and affiliates and continue to develop our products and services in light of this feedback. Only by doing this can we keep growing and developing: not just to be the company that we are today, but also to become the company that we want to become in the future.

We believe we are world’s best digital agency specializing in helping direct to consumer brands sell more. We have a holistic view when it comes to working with digital. Proper management and the integration of all Web channels into the overall enterprise CRM strategy with the single goal of acquiring new customers and driving consistency within all channels relative to sales, customer service and support. We assist marketing to take initiatives that create a seamless customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and revenue. This means we look at the whole picture and have proved that this is the only true way to measure the success of marketing's contribution to sales. We are an extension of your ecommerce team, complementing your internal resources and expertise, with common objectives, and sharing risks and rewards.

ROI may be an over-used term, but we’ll never tire of it, because it’s what matters most.